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2020-21 Calendar

Jan. 14 – Open House and Registration, 4:00pm – 5:30pm
Jan. 23/24 -IPP Meetings
Feb. 14 – Professional Development Day
Feb. 17 – Family Day
Feb. 18 – 21 – Winter Vacation
Mar. 16 -Professional Development Day
Apr. 10 – 17 – Spring Break
May 15 – Professional Development Day
May 21/22 – IPP Meetings
Jun. 25 – Last Day of Classes

Our School

Our preschool and kindergarten are divisions of Foothills Creative Beginnings Preschool and ECS Association which operates as a non-profit society, established in 1983. The preschool is licensed by Calgary and Area Child and Family Services. We offer an integrated program following a developmental and creative approach to educating young children. The kindergarten is authorized and funded by Alberta Education, and offers a curriculum approved by Alberta Education.

Our Goals

To help each child develop a positive self awareness.     To achieve this we:

  • use language which affirms the individuality of each person;
  • respect and accept the ideas and creative expressions of each child;
  • use anger management and conflict resolution techniques to prevent and settle disputes.

To invite and encourage children to think creatively, to use all their senses and become actively involved in learning.     To achieve this we:

  • offer a wide variety of materials with which to work;
  • offer varied experiences, age appropriate to the child;
  • offer times when the child may plan and lead in such experiences.

To expose each child to the excitement of learning.   To achieve this we:

  • integrate art, music, and story
  • change the focus of the interest centers regularly to reflect the interest of the children
  • emphasize experiences meaningful and relevant to the children

To actively support children’s development and provide occasions for children to acquire important knowledge and skills.   To achieve this we:

  • offer a balance between children’s self-initiated learning and adult guidance
  • build upon the children’s existing competencies.
  • present a range of activities, materials and learning experiences to promote the development of knowledge and understanding, processes and skills, as well as the dispositions to use and apply skills.

Our Activities

Our program reflects the Alberta Framework for early learning: “Play, Participation and Possibilities

Free Play – time to socialize and choose activities at centres.

Art – time to express and record thoughts and experiences using a variety of materials.

Music – time to enjoy rhythm, song, creative movement and drama with our music specialist.

Gym – time for exercise, simple games and fun.

Story Circle -time to listen, imagine and express ideas.

Kindergarten – focuses on the academic component of reading, writing, math, science, French, fieldtrips.


All children and their families have the opportunity to embrace early education and develop the foundation for life-long learning

Our organization is a registered non-profit society.

We are governed by a board of directors.

FCB was established in 1983 as a private preschool and incorporated as a society in 1994.


Foothills Creative Beginnings in partnership with families, works to support and encourage children to reach their full potential in inclusive, holistic, child-centered learning environments.


FCB respects the individuality and unique talents of each child.

FCB encourages and supports children to reach their full potential through inclusive and holistic environments.

FCB believes that learning through purposeful play is the basis for child development and early childhood education.

FCB, in partnership with families and learning centers, works to meet challenges and build support for the children we serve.

FCB is dedicated to professionalism, seeks out and adopts best practices, demonstrates integrity and honesty in all that we do.