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Electronic PUF/MM/ELL Application Form

For children who are 2 years, 8 months and less than 6 years of age by September 1, and who have been identified with a disability/delay. Children are eligible for up to three years of ECS funded programming, depending on age, severity of the disability/delay and its impact on the child’s ability to function within an ECS program.

The Standards for the Provision of Early Childhood Special Education apply to children who meet the eligibility criteria for special education programming.


All children registered with Alberta Education that live greater 2.4 kilometers from their school are eligible to receive a Transportation Allowance. The Transportation Grant payments will be made at the end of June. The calculation will be based on the number of months for which your child received therapy sessions. We do not base payments on attendance records unless the child is absent for one month or more. Since Foothills Creative Beginnings does not provide transportation, this allowance will be paid directly to you and only you, as parents/legal guardians.

Permission For Screening

Screening in the areas of speech and occupational therapies.

Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Agreement



Parent Child Community Programming Registration

The Community Parent/Child Programming is designed for the funded families to do learn and do activities together.  Each session will be 3 hours and then some homework will also be assigned. The goal is to help parents facilitate the child’s skills and transfer that over to their daily life. This program will be offered in various locations and at various times.

Fine Motor Toolbox Program

The Fine Motor Toolbox program will be delivered by an Occupational Therapist. Fine Motor toolbox will be delivered as group sessions. Sessions will allow children to practice and build their fine motor skills, through guided activities and everyday items. Caregiver support maybe required during the sessions.

Virtual Yoga Classes

Foothills Creative Beginnings is pleased to offer a live, online yoga class!  This is an opportunity for your child to participate in an ongoing, weekly, virtual mindfulness and movement session from the comfort of your home.  There are no additional fees for this class, as it will be part of the programming offered to your learner by Foothills Creative Beginnings through their educational funding. This yoga class has been created to provide additional therapeutic services for your child and to support them in achieving their IPP goals as established by your child’s multidisciplinary team.  Benefits and learning objectives of this mindfulness and yoga program include:

  • Communication & listening skills- social skills development.
  • Coordination & balance- physical literacy.
  • Creativity & independence.
  • Emotional awareness and growth mindset practices- self-regulation.
  • Making & meeting friends- developing friendships online over a safe, secure platform.

Parents are encouraged to participate with their child, and siblings are welcome too!  Please dress in comfortable clothing that allows movement.  Use of a yoga mat is recommended, but not required.  A blanket on the floor would also work.

Class attendance is capped. You do not need to register yourself or additional siblings &/or family members.

CLEAR Music Therapy

Did you know that if your child qualifies for Program Unit Funding (PUF) or Mild Moderate Funding they get to participate in the Online Foothills Creative Beginnings music therapy program for free?

Foothills Creative Beginnings will once again be offering the opportunity for your child to participate in online group music therapy sessions this 2020/2021 school year! Music therapy is covered under PUF or Mild Moderate funding for a nominal fee, however, Music therapy sessions will not affect or take away from the funding hours you receive for other therapies such as speech therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, or occupational therapy.

The music therapy program has been created to provide an additional therapeutic service for your child to work on their IPP goals that are established by your child’s multidisciplinary team. In addition to providing an extra opportunity to work on IPP based goals, music therapy sessions count towards the required 475 centre based programming hours.

Music therapy sessions occur on a weekly basis during the school calendar year from September to June and are 30 minutes long. Activities will include singing, songwriting, musical games, and moving to music. These activities aim to promote social interaction, improve language and communication skills, improve gross and fine motor coordination, increase creative self-expression, increase sensory stimulation, and address academic and life skills.

If you are interested in having your child participate in online group music therapy sessions, please fill out the registration and consent form below. Please note that registration is on-going and you may register your child for music therapy at any point throughout the year if they qualify for PUF or Mild Moderate funding.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about music therapy or funding please do not hesitate to contact Julie Lowry by e-mail at

Consent to Photograph, Film, or Videotape a Student for Documentation and Learning Purposes

When student information is shared in a way that makes the student publicly identifiable, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) requires Foothills Creative Beginnings (FCB) to obtain parent consent. Sharing this information for documentation and learning purposes helps the employees working with your child to gauge progress and be fully informed of.