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Open from from Feb 1, 2021 – Sept 30, 2021

Registration Fee:

Enrichment Fee:
$400 Payable as a lump sum or $40/month

Contact: Maxine Mendritzki, B.Ed. (Principal)
Phone number: 403-481-3371

Email Maxine Mendritzki

Class Times

First Day of School:
September 8, 2021

Morning Class:
Mon – Fri 8:50 – 11:40 am

Afternoon Class:
Mon – Fri 12:45 – 3:35pm

Program Details

Foothills Creative Beginnings Kindergarten is funded by Alberta Education and follows their curriculum guidelines. As an independent program we participate in the Alberta Initiative for School Improvement (AISI). We receive a basic instructional grant from Alberta Education for each child that is registered as of September 30, 2021.

Fees may be paid in monthly instalments of $40/month, in 2 payments or in a lump sum. This fee covers field trips, supplies, and extra programs such as French and our cooking program.

Alberta Education provides a grant to families to transport their children who live more than 2.4 kilometers from the school. The school will receive these monies from Alberta Education and they will be paid to the parents in June, 2022. To date the total grant has been approximately $500. The continuation of this grant is dependent upon government policy. We will advise parents if there is any change in this policy.

Alberta Education Transportation Grant Application form

For further information about the kindergarten program Alberta Education’s website is at Click on Curriculum Handbooks.


2020-21 Calendar

Jan. 4 – Classes Resume (Jan 4-8 Virtual Learning Week)
Jan. 21 & 22 -IPP Meetings
Jan. 29 – Professional Development Day
Feb. 1 – Online Registration
Feb. 15 – Family Day
Feb. 16 & 17 -Vacation Days
Feb. 18 & 19 – Teachers’ Convention
Mar. 8 – Professional Development Day
Apr. 2 – Good Friday (no school)
Apr. 5 – 9 – Spring Break
Apr. 12 – Classes Resume
Apr. 26 – Professional Development Day
May 13 & 14 – IPP Meetings
May 21 – Professional Development Day
May 24 – Victoria Day (no school)
Jun. 24 – Last Day of School
Jun. 25 – Teachers In

Our Activities

Our program reflects the Alberta Framework for early learning: “Play, Participation and Possibilities

Free Play – time to socialize and choose activities at centres.

Art – time to express and record thoughts and experiences using a variety of materials.

Music – time to enjoy rhythm, song, creative movement and drama with our music specialist.

Gym – time for exercise, simple games and fun.

Story Circle -time to listen, imagine and express ideas.

Kindergarten – focuses on the academic component of reading, writing, math, science, French, fieldtrips.

Kindergarten Teachers

Maxine Mendritzki, B.Ed. (Honours)

Mrs. Maxine Mendritzki is our Kindergarten Principal and afternoon kindergarten teacher. She has considerable experience teaching Grade 1 and 2 at the Calgary Board of Education and pre-school and kindergarten at Foothills Creative Beginnings. She provides a warm and accepting environment where all chldren can succeed.

Eniko Tomlinson, B.Ed.

Mrs. Eniko Tomlinson is the morning kindergarten teacher. She received her B.Ed. from the University of Alberta and after teaching in Ontario for five years, returned to Alberta. She has been teaching kindergarten at Foothills Creative Beginnings since 1997.

Our Goals

To help each child develop a positive self awareness. To achieve this we:

  • use language which affirms the individuality of each person;
  • respect and accept the ideas and creative expressions of each child;
  • use anger management and conflict resolution techniques to prevent and settle disputes.

To invite and encourage children to think creatively, to use all their senses and become actively involved in learning. To achieve this we:

  • offer a wide variety of materials with which to work;
  • offer varied experiences, age appropriate to the child;
  • offer times when the child may plan and lead in such experiences.

To expose each child to the excitement of learning. To achieve this we:

  • integrate art, music, and story
  • change the focus of the interest centers regularly to reflect the interest of the children
  • emphasize experiences meaningful and relevant to the children

To actively support children’s development and provide occasions for children to acquire important knowledge and skills. To achieve this we:

  • offer a balance between children’s self-initiated learning and adult guidance
  • build upon the children’s existing competencies.
  • present a range of activities, materials and learning experiences to promote the development of knowledge and understanding, processes and skills, as well as the dispositions to use and apply skills.

Kindergarten Curriculum

Language Arts: The children will be introduced to beginning consonant sounds. They will be printing letters, beginning with uppercase letters and advancing to lowercase letters. They will compose stories. They will dictate stories for their paintings, and learn basic grammar in doing so. Understandings gained through discussion and researching factual books form the backbone of the language arts program. Language arts experiences are closely tied to social studies, science and mathematics.

Early Reading: The children will enjoy poetry, finger plays, and simple stories posted on language charts. They will ‘read’ from books created in the classroom. The children will be introduced to word recognition skills by reading pictures for context clues, examining beginning consonants, ending consonants, and rhymes. A poetry book, illustrated by each child, will be compiled and sent home so that the child may share these poems with their parents.

Mathematics: Children print number symbols, match number symbols to quantities and estimate quantities. They will be introduced to the principals of measurement. They will count to 100 by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s. They will investigate the properties of numbers 1-10 and begin the process of adding and subtracting using concrete objects. They will graph number stories and will create number patterns.

Music: The children will sing, dance, move to music and enjoy drama. The kindergarten children enjoy this experience twice weekly for 30 minutes per session. Our music program supports the mathematical concepts of patterning and counting.

French: This is an introduction to French led by Mrs. Tomlinson. The children will be introduced to colour words, number words, and phrases through movement, games, seatwork and art and her puppets. This program begins in early November.

Art: Each week a 45 minute period of art focuses upon the social studies, literature, or science projects which the children are undertaking. Through art, the children give back their understandings enabling teacher and parents to listen to the child’s assumptions about how their world works. Number work, language arts, literary understandings regarding fact or fiction emerge through their dictated stories. Crafts and drawing also occur on a daily basis as part of readiness work in preparation for Grade One.

Physical Education: Two thirty minute sessions per week are scheduled in the gym. Gym time allows for experimentation with a variety of equipment such as balls, hoops, beanbags, and balloons in a variety of ways. Games are taught which require co-operation, listening, and playing within the rules.

Freeplay Time: Our small group setting provides a unique opportunity for children to come together as a community recognizing and appreciating individual differences. A small setting builds confidence and increases socialization opportunities, as well as providing support for readiness skills.

Early Intervention Services: Children requiring early intervention programs receive timely, consistent, and effective services from qualified speech, occupational, and physical therapists as well as qualified educational assistants.