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Program Details

Kindergarten Program

Foothills Creative Beginnings Kindergarten is an independent program whose mandate is to provide strong foundational and readiness skills in the areas of literacy, numeracy and citizenship.  We include art and free play activities in the daily schedule. We value indoor and outdoor play and use playful methods to teach academic and social skills. We are funded by Alberta Education, follow the Alberta curriculum and are fully accredited.

The Kindergarten Curriculum is accessible at

You can find additional resources about the K-12 curriculum on the newLearnAlberta website.

Fees may be paid in monthly instalments of $40/month or in a lump sum. This fee covers field trips, supplies, and extra programing experiences such as our music program.

Foothills Creative Beginnings provides access to Early Intervention services funded by Alberta Education as required for children who require specific supports in their learning. Our highly qualified teaching staff and therapists ensure children requiring early intervention programs receive timely, consistent, and effective services from speech and language pathologist, occupational and physical therapists, psychologists, behaviour specialists and qualified educational assistants. Please see the description of our Early Intervention programs on this website or contact Joan Green, our Principal and Director of Education at for more information.

Kindergarten Program Location