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Consent to Photograph, Film, or Videotape a Student for Documentation and Learning Purposes

When a child’s information is shared in a way that makes the child publicly identifiable, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) requires Foothills Creative Beginnings (FCB) to obtain parent consent. Sharing this information for documentation and learning purposes helps the employees working with your child to gauge progress and be fully informed.

When you sign this form, you are agreeing that your child’s image – photo, film or videotape, and name as well as family names can be shared with FCB employees, contractors and with parents. Some examples of how this information may be shared are as follows:

  • Photographs demonstrating your child engaged in learning activities or tasks.
  • Film or videos taken to demonstrate progress, show interactions or various methods of teaching used with your child.

Photos, film, or video will not be used for any other purpose than as listed above. Parents are under no obligation to consent it is their voluntary decision to do so. In the event you want to withdraw authorization, send a written request to the executive director of FCB. By signing this form, parents understand they have no rights to the photos and no payment will be made for any photos or materials.

Consent For Release

  • Parent / Guardian

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