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Our Preschool

Parents set the foundation for a child’s life long health and learning. Supportive, caring, consistent relationships between child and parent are key to healthy development (intellectually, socially, and physically).
Preschool supports the work the parents do, striving to develop a strong and resilient learner identity. Our preschool values play as an essential medium through which children participate with others in an active learning process. Our teachers create “invitations to play” by providing diverse materials for exploration and representation which encourage making choices, problem solving, asking questions, expressing ideas, imagination and creativity. It is our privilege to work with families in the care and education of their children.


Our classes (maximum of 12) are mixed ages, threes and fours.   Age mixing allows younger children to engage in and learn from activities that they could not do alone or with playmates of the same age. Mixed age play provides the older participants practice in nurturing and leading, opportunities to learn through teaching, and inspiration for creative and imaginative activities. Children must turn three by December 31, 2022 to attend in September 2022.

The classes are designed to learn and socialize in a small group and to introduce the enjoyment of art, stories, music, movement and drama. The three day program provides the child an opportunity to prepare food such as cold snacks, biscuits, soup, pizza, cookies etc.

Preschool Program Locations