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By virtue of our operation of a kindergarten program under the aegis of Alberta Education we are able to access funds for children with special needs.

Role of Foothills Creative Beginnings
  • To administer the funds for PUF and MILD/MODERATE programs.
  • To develop an Individualized Program Plan for each child.
  • To provide assurance to Alberta Education of the quality of the program and financial accountability.
Mild/Moderate Funding

This level of funding provides for children with mild to moderate delays in one area such as speech or motor development. These funds provide for regular visits to a professional therapist during the school year. This funding is available for 2 years only, one of which must be the kindergarten year.

To qualify for mild/moderate funds:

  • The child must be at least 3 years 6 months and less than 6 years on September 1 of the program year to qualify.
  • The child must be registered with Foothills Creative Beginnings by September 30 of the year when this funding is accessed.

The initial request for therapy can be based on opinions of the parents and FCB personnel or a referral from a speech clinic or Children’s Hospital. This will then be confirmed by one of our therapists.

Mild/Moderate Funds provide for approximately 18 therapy sessions. Parents pay the school fees. No assistant is provided.


PUF is the most generously conceived of comparable provincial programs in Canada. The total funds made available depend on the needs of the child, although there is an upper limit.

PUF seeks to provide for the needs of children with disabilities requiring additional support above that offered in a regular preschool or kindergarten program. The PUF program we administer is designed to provide families with as much participation as possible in their child’s program.

To qualify for PUF Funding:

  • Assessment/diagnosis from appropriate professional(s) is required prior to submitting an application. This is imperative for an initial application and it is very helpful if these assessments can be completed before September.
  • The child must be at least 2 years, 8 months and less than 6 years of age on September 1 of years when PUF is accessed. PUF is available for a maximum of three years. Care should be taken in deciding when to start PUF.
  • The child must be registered in and attend a preschool or kindergarten program.

PUF funds provide for:

A classroom assistant and necessary therapies. An Individual Program Plan (IPP) with developmentally appropriate goals is developed in consultation with teachers, therapists, parents and teaching assistants. The parents must be actively involved in this process.

Jane McKeown     403-478-8618       Supervisor Early Intervention Programs