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Teletherapy Consent Form

Teletherapy is a way to deliver therapy services over Zoom or other secure online platforms. While it is Foothills Creative Beginnings (FCB) preference to maintain therapy services for your child face to face, we recognize it may be necessary to use teletherapy.

During an online therapy session, your child’s therapist will join you and your child at a designated time to work on their goals. You will receive a secure link from the therapist along with the day and time of the session. This therapy delivery model is supported by Speech-Language & Audiology Canada and the American Speech and Hearing Association.

In the event we need to change your child’s scheduled therapy to teletherapy, we ask you review and sign the following consent form.

General Information:

  • The same laws and guidelines that protect privacy and confidentiality of personal information also apply to teletherapy. (FOIP and PIPA)
  • Teletherapy sessions will not be recorded without prior agreement and will only be used for therapy purposes. FCB will use industry approved platforms.
  • Despite reasonable efforts from FCB, teletherapy does have limitations and is subject to interruptions due to technical difficulties, internet connection and unauthorized access. FCB takes great care to use secure systems and procedures to prevent this from happening.
  • When needed, therapists may invite other members of the early intervention team to join the session.

Role of the caregiver:

I understand a caregiver must be present and an active part of all teletherapy sessions. If I have questions or concerns about the sessions, I will raise them directly with the therapist. Any teletherapy, provided will be considered part of my child’s program and connected to their funded programming hours.

I understand I am responsible for:

  • The security of Information on my personal computer including a secure internet location and being in a private space during live sessions.
  • Creating and maintaining my own username and keeping Zoom links and ID numbers private.
  • Giving notice if I must cancel a teletherapy session. 24 hours’ notice is requested, please provide as much notice as possible.

I have read and understand the information provided above regarding teletherapy and hereby give my informed consent to receiving therapy services via teletherapy for my child.

Consent For Release


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Open fall 2023
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